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Young Adult Drawful 2-sday!

Young Adults in the 6th through 12th grade are invited to join Librarian Patrick for online gaming. Get out your sketching finger and get ready for Drawful 2, whose grand prize winner will get a $10 gift card.

So get ready to game, Tuesday, August 11th at 3PM, sign up by emailing and get notified when we go live!

Urban Ecology Workshop Series for Grades 3-8

Zoom Link:

Love the environment? Join Librarian Jean for a series of Urban Ecology Workshops designed by the MIT Public Library Innovation Exchange (PLIX) team (Learn more here).

Pick up activity bags beginning Monday, August 3rd 10-6PM.

Call 781-324-0218 or email to reserve a bag. Programs will be conducted over Zoom; a link will be added here.

Wednesday, August 5th 3-4PM Sensory Nature Walk: Cultivate a keen eye—and nose, ear, and hand—when evaluating the qualities of our living world. Then use these observational skills to explore your local urban or suburban environment.

Wednesday, August 12th 3-4PM Tangible Ecosystem: Learn how to highlight abiotic (nonliving) and biotic (living) factors as the key actors in the urban environment. Examine how these environmental components interact, as well as how they are related, to form unique ecologies associated with your local community.

Wednesday, August 19th 3-4PM Understanding Urban Soils: Explore the diverse functions and roles of soils—the foundation of all terrestrial ecosystems—and the types of life they support. Learn to categorize various soils and the species contained therein, and begin to unravel how urban environments shape soil structure and function.

Generously sponsored by Preotle, Lane, & Associates.


UPDATED: Young Adult Craft: Perler Beads

Young Adults in the 5th through 12th grade are invited to get crafty with the library’s Perler Bead collection. Craft anything you can imagine live online while in the comfort of your own home. Starting Friday July 17th you can pick up a home kit of Perler Bead materials from the Malden Public Library and get ready to craft!

We will meet in a Zoom call on Thursday, July 23rd from 3:00 – 4:00 PM to go over some good techniques for making something out of perler beads, and how to get started in this fun hobby! Please email for access to the Zoom link.

UPDATE: Zoom link is accessible here:

Summer Reading 2020

Please visit our Summer Reading 2020 page to find links to lists of resources and summer reading lists by grade for Malden students. We will continue to update this page as more classes release their information. The theme for this year’s summer reading is Imagine Your Story—themes of fairytales, mythology, and fantasy.

And soon we will be announcing our Summer Reading Kickoff Event (and yes, we will have ice cream this year too!) and links to sign up for Summer Reading.

Updated: World Book offers free online classes and support for families learning at home!

Update 4/6/2020: It is now even easier to gain World Book access without needing to sign up! Just go to:   Login-ID: wbsupport and Password: distancelearn.

If you are at home with kids right now and trying to continue their education or find fun educational activities to keep their minds nimble and engaged the task can seem overwhelming. Over the last few weeks the Malden Public Library has provided access to many sites that offer educational opportunities for families while they navigate this new challenge. But without having access to teacher resources, making lessons and finding tools to teach or help young students can feel like making it up as you go along. A number of previously for-pay services are now becoming accessible in response to the overwhelming need during this challenging time.

World Book has recently decided to make their online learning resources available for free during the Covid-19 outbreak, so that families can access online learning and eresources. Sign up is simple with the above username and password. Just click on the main link:  to sign in. 

But before you sign in take a look at the resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers on the main page. There are great suggestions for how to help young students. Caregivers can access suggestions for lessons, resources for people new to online learning, and tools for teaching young learners all from the World Book home page.

Once signed in the site will direct users to a menu with options for subject based learning, activities, ebooks, educational games, encyclopedias and more.