Blog: Month: March 2021

YA Game Bags: Learn to play Magic The Gathering

Young Adults in the 5th through 12th grade are invited to learn a new game by picking up their Magic the Gathering game bags at the Malden Public Library.

Each bag has hundreds of Magic cards, enough to make two standard 60 card decks, or one large 100 card commander deck. Learn the ins and out of the game via the printed rules and play with friends online.

Call the library during business hours at 781-324-0218 and reserve your game bag today. Please there is a limit of two bags per household, so call and reserve yours starting on Thursday, March 25th.

Young Adult Movie Afternoon, Friday April 2nd @3PM

YA Adults in the 5th-12th grade join us online to watch a brand new film via zoom, based on the Popular video game series “Monster Hunter”. Starring Milla Jovovitch and Tony Jaa as they gigantic fight monsters in a fantasy world.

This is an online screening and you can join the zoom call by clicking on the link below Friday April 2nd at 3:00 PM:

Sign Up for Pastel Workshop for Adults Monday, March 29th 6:30-8:30PM

Award-winning artist Gregory Maichack will lead a pastel workshop for adults 18+ via Zoom on Monday, March 29th 6:30-8:30PM. Sign up here.

Learn pastels using Jean-Francois Millet’s “Dandelions” as a guide (pictured). After you sign up, a pastel kit will be available for curbside pickup at the Malden Public Library.

Maichack has been a faculty member of the Museum Studio School in the Fine Arts Museum Quadrangle in Springfield, MA; and taught at Holyoke and Greenfield Community Colleges, Westfield State University, East Works, the MFA, Boston, and The Guild, Northampton. Maichack’s pastel paintings have been selected twice for the Annual National Exhibition of the Academic Artists Association and as a result Maichack was invited to be a member of this prestigious organization.

Thank you to the Malden Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, for sponsoring this event!

Young Adult Manga Coloring Grab Bags

Young Adults in the 5th through 12th grade its time to destress from school and relax from IRL with free library coloring book bags. Call us at 781-324-0218 starting tomorrow at 10:00 AM to reserve your bag with 6 pages and either color pencils or markers. We have character pages of chibi fantasy art or from the mange “Boku no Hīrō Akademia” 

Please limit of one bag per household and feel free to share. Supplies are limited so call and reserve yours this week!


HyRead for Chinese ebooks

We are very excited to announce the launch of HyRead, Taiwan’s most popular library e-reading platform.  We are the first one in Massachusetts to offer this service.

Currently, Malden Public Library on HyRead has Chinese titles in traditional and simplified Chinese characters with wide topics.  They can be accessible to Malden Public Library card holders for online reading or downloading to cell phones, tablets, and personal computers.

If you have any question/recommendation, please contact the library at 781-324-0218 or email to (accept email in Chinese)


HyRead  隨身讀, 隨身聽


—–   —–   —–   —–   —–


目前,摩頓公共圖書舘在 HyRead 上擁有以繁體和簡體漢字出版的電子圖書。內容均為大家所喜愛的主題。 凡是持有摩頓公共圖書舘卡片的讀者都可以使用, 進行在線閱讀或下載到手機,平板和個人電腦。

如果有任何疑問/建議, 請致電摩頓公共圖書館 781-324-0218 或電郵  (可收中文電郵)

—–   —–   —–   —–   —–

摩顿公共图书馆非常高兴推出台湾最受欢迎的图书馆电子云端阅读平台 HyRead

目前,摩頓公共圖書舘在 HyRead 上拥有100多本以繁体和简体汉字出版的电子图书。内容均为大家所喜爱的主题。 凡是持有摩顿公共图书馆卡片的读者都可以使用, 进行在线阅读或下载到手机,平板和个人电脑。

如果有任何疑问/建议,请致电摩顿公共图书馆 781-324-0218 或电邮  (可收中文电邮)

—–   —–   —–   —–   —–


〉〉  軟體下載 Click Here to Download the App

〉〉  進入 Click Here to Access HyRead

〉〉  Or, 使用二維碼進入 Use this QR code to access HyRead ((可能手機或平板上無法顯示)


〉〉  操作手冊在此 

〉〉  如何改變字體, 排列, 以及發聲功能  (手機及平板適用)

  1. 書籍借到自己的卡片帳號後,點擊右上方書
  2. 如果書籍pdf epub 格式,選擇 epub格式下載
  3. 點擊銀幕上方 AA,即可選擇字體以及排列,點擊銀幕上方的喇叭,即可改為有聲書模式

〉〉  如何找到摩頓公共圖書館的電子書


  1. 點擊在左上角三條橫線處,
  2. 點擊下方 Add Library,
  3. 點擊公共圖書館,
  4. 點擊Malden Public Library,
  5. 點擊右上角的 X, 關閉頁面。

額外奉送: 電腦版上有 HyRead 免費提供的”作家專欄”和”精選文章”, 不錯哦!

在手機或是平板上, 如何返回圖書館網站?如何看到圖書館新的 HyRead 使用信息? 

在手機版上, 在圖書館名字的右上方, 有一個驚歎號, 點出來是最新消息 Notifications

在平板右邊一點的地方, 有一個驚歎號, 點出來是最新消息 Notifications


Each card can borrow up to 2 titles for 7 days with 1 renewal.  


Tuesday, March 9th 7PM-8:30PM
Game Night for Adults!

Join Librarians Patrick and Jean to play games online!

These games can be played online and all you need to be able to play is have a computer or smart phone and a way to join the Zoom call. The games are about 20-30 minutes each and skew towards humor, drawing games and trivia topics.

Zoom link is here:



YA Movie Afternoon: March 5th @ 3PM

YA Adults in the 5th-12th grade join us online to watch a brand new animated film in the DC universe as Batman returns to his roots and trains in martial arts. This is an online screening and you can join the zoom call by clicking on the link below Friday March 5th at 3:00 PM.

Zoom Link: