Museum Passes

The Malden Public Library offers free or discounted museum passes for Malden residents.


Due to the pandemic, many museums and institutions have changed their procedures for entry. Please visit the institutions’ websites linked below for more information. Pass procedures vary; please read the pass information on the pass reservation page for how to pickup your pass at the library.

Please note, the library pass reservation calendar may not reflect changes to museum open dates and hours of operation. Plan ahead.

For the time being you may pick up one-time use passes up to three weeks in advance to allow for reserving timed tickets. The Massachusetts State Parks pass must be picked up the day before or morning of the reserved date.

We are in the process of bringing back our usual museum passes. We do not yet have passes for all of the institutions listed below, and some are not yet reopened. Visit the reservation page to see our current offerings.

 *Please read our museum policy before reserving passes.

 Reserve your museum pass online:

  • Simply click the “Accept” button below.
  • Select the museum and day of your visit
  • Click on “Request Pass”
  • Fill in your library card number and PIN
  • Pick up your pass at the library.
  • Museum Passes must be picked up by noon on the reserved day, or by 5:30 the day before when the library is closed on the reserved day. If they are not picked up by the time required, the pass is forfeited.
  • Only one pass will be checked out per museum per day. Only 1 pass may be borrowed per family per 7 day period.

To reserve your pass and accept these conditions, click ACCEPT

Museum Pass Policy


  • Must be a Malden Resident
  • Must have an Adult Library Card
  • Library Card must be in good standing
  • If you do not pick up pass by 12:00pm on the day reserved, pass will be forfeited. Pass must be picked up by 5:30 the day before when the library is closed on the reserved day.
  • Pass may be picked up earlier if available
  • Some passes must be returned by 10:00 am the next day or you will be subjected to a $5.00 late fee
  • If the pass is lost, the patron will be responsible for paying the replacement cost charged by the pass institution.
  • Only 1 pass may be borrowed per family per week.