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Staff Thanksgiving Recommendations!

The staff of the Malden Public Library wishes you a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. We’ve made a list of some cookbooks you might want to check out to find inspiring recipes for this holiday and all the winter holidays to come. So follow the link to Bibliocommons and see what amazing dishes you can make!

Also be sure to watch our special edition of 5 in 5 at noon today, 11/24. In it some of the staff will reminisce about their favorite dishes and Thanksgiving recipes.

Also the library will be closed Thursday, 11/26, for the Thanksgiving holiday. But we will be back on Friday, 11/27, for curbside delivery and to answer your questions via phone.

To find Chinese materials? 找中文書?

因為圖書館仍然不能對公眾開放,請使用我們的網上目錄, 查詢您所想要的圖書資料。  怎麼找呢?  怎麼尋找中文書籍呢?怎麼找到最新增加的中文書籍呢?怎麼索取呢? 答案都在這裡。

Because the library is still not open to the public, please use our online catalog to find the books you want. How to find it? How to find Chinese books? How can I find the newly added Chinese books? How can I request it? The answer is here.


  1. 上到圖書館網站
  2. 點擊右上角的Catalog
  3. 用漢語拼音或是中文字檢索
  4. 點擊 Place a Hold
  5. 輸入圖書館卡片號碼和密碼


  1. 上到圖書館網站
  2. 點擊 Browse MPL – World Languages
  3. 點擊 Chinese in MBLN
  4. 使用左邊的 Filter
  5. 選擇   語文: Chinese New at the library

5 in 5: Horror

Here is the next video in our 5 in 5 series. Cait provides today’s list of recommendations . She is recommending horror titles to get you in the mood for Halloween. You can request these items for pick up or download from our Bibliocommons list or call us to place a hold. And you can watch the video premiere at 12:15 pm on our YouTube channel below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our social media to get the latest updates, events, and recommendations.

Campfire Ghost Stories are Back!

How could we possibly miss out on the spookiest month of the year to tell campfire stories?! We here at MPL Campfire Ghost Stories are most definitely October people in the Bradbury sense. And with the sun setting earlier, the leaves falling on the shady paths, and the early morning chill that frosts the grass has reinvigorated that Halloween spirit. So we are back with weekly readings of the spooky, the scary, the disturbing and the sometimes weird.

So if you are looking to reconnect with your Halloween spirit, or just need a good playlist while you decorate your cobwebs listen to our YouTube playlist and be sure to tune in each Thursday at 7pm for new haunting tales.

Panel recap: Mythmaking and upcoming creative events!

If you missed our first ever panel discussion about myth, fairy tales, film, and storytelling you can watch the whole event on YouTube.

You should also check out our upcoming 10th Annual Public Reading by The Malden Writers’ Collaborative. Celebrate writing! Join Malden’s own creative writing group, the Malden Writers’ Collaborative, for their 10th Annual Public Reading on Thursday, August 20th 7-8:30PM online.

Members of the 2019-2020 season will read original works:

Jason Rubin – “Little Red Pool of Blood”
Felicia Ryan – Blue – “Blue is the color of the year”, “Drift Away” and “Trapped in my Yoga Top”
Rebekah Brooks – Ceaseless Faith
Jason Kenney – “No Sign of the Morning”
Heather Angell – an unnamed selection
Jeff Taylor – poems “Wall Dogs”, “Catfish” and “WAKEY, WAKEY”
Christopher Hickey – “Fall Guise”

Please help support our wonderful creative communities and join us for our panels, public readings, and other library events. We are hoping to bring you more of these unique events in the Fall while highlighting the rich creative traditions of our Malden community.

Also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our latest videos and events!

Friday Folk and Fairy Tales for Adults Complete Schedule!

Spend your Friday afternoons with the staff at the Malden Public Library reading you grown up folk and fairy tales. Listen to heros, heroines, tragic lovers, transformed travelers, and dancers with the devil as they meet challenges and overcome them. Let us tell you a story and while we are at it inspire you to take another look at your own challenges with fresh eyes and renewed purpose. Books and stories are our road maps to the struggles that always face human kind. And fairy tales take those struggles and distill them down to their essential matter, hide them in a bit of the fantastic, and then give us the strength and inspiration to push on no matter how big the dragon or how large our pile of straw becomes.

We’ll post new readings every Friday at 1215pm, you can catch the link on our calendar or Facebook event listing. You can also listen and watch on our Youtube channel or find our playlist and catch up on the stories you missed.

Complete list of events:

June 26th @ 1215 pm

July 3rd @ 1215 pm

July 17th @ 1215 pm

July 24th @ 1215 pm

July 31st @ 1215 pm

August 7th @ 1215 pm

August 21st @ 1215 pm

August 28th @ 1215 pm

And check out our Fall offerings when they arrive. As with most adventures things may change and new challenges may come so check back with us to see where we’ve gotten to on our journey.


Virtual Book Hangouts with the Staff

Looking for your next summer read? Or do you have a book you are dying to share with people? Spend an hour with some book lovers and librarians to talk about the books you loved, books you hated, or get some first hand recommendations for new books to try. There are multiple upcoming dates so check here to see when you can drop by on Zoom for a chat with some fellow readers.

Upcoming dates:

Tuesday 7/28 @12:15 pm

Thursday 8/13 @ 12:15 pm

Tuesday 8/18 @ 7:30 pm

Thursday 8/27 @ 12:15 pm

Tuesday 9/1 @ 7:30 pm

Links to this Zoom program are typically posted 5-15 minutes prior to the event and can be reached by clicking on the event on our calendar or by following the Zoom link posted on the FB event page. If you have trouble accessing Zoom or this program you can call the library during our hours of operation and a librarian will be happy to help you.

Check back for more dates in September. And look for our updated book recommendations from each session posted to our social media.

Campfire Ghost Stories (New recurring event!)

Horror fans, podcast ghouls, and people who love a good scare before bedtime join us for virtual campfire ghost stories. If you were a fan of Are You Afraid of the Dark? or are missing the feeling of a chilly night with a good fire under the stars then these are the tales for you! Haunted tales told with a virtual fire crackling in the background; we will scare you, delight you, and hopefully lull you into a night of uneasy dreams. Muhahaha.

After each creepy episode you can come back here to relive the stories or catch up on stories you might have missed. In fact here comes one right now!

Schedule of haunts:

Thursday 7/23 @730 pm 


Thursday 7/30 @ 730pm

Tuesday 8/4 @ 730pm

Friday 8/21 @ 730 pm

Thursday 8/27 @ 730 pm

More dates to follow us into the Fall.

Bookmark this page and check back for new stories or watch a whole playlist and let us scare you into your eternal rest…

We Are One Global Film Festival Available Free!

Looking for something to do on a Saturday night? The We Are One Global Film Festival is posting new films hourly. See the latest selections from over 20 national and international film festivals including: Cannes, Tribeca, the New York Film Festival, the Tokyo Film Festival, Annecy International Animation Film Festival and more! These films are free but they are using the festival to raise money for Covid 19 relief organizations. Available now through June 7th. Stay in this weekend and watch something new!

Creativity in Challenging Times: Museums at Home

A lot of creation comes from consumption of some kind; seeing, reading, listening to something inspiring primes the brain with energy for new ideas. But with everything closed and movement restricted some of the places that inspire the most are out of reach. Many museums have tried to fill that gap by making some or all of their collections available online. They are also hosting webinars, posting pictures, and even producing coloring books. Here too, the Malden Public Library is making our art collection available with a new piece of artwork every week with Monday at the Museum on Facebook. To help inspire and uplift, included below, are some links to museums offering art, culture, history and science add some richness to the stay at home creative life.

For Families

All the Library’s museum passes are locked up safe inside our building and all the local museums, zoos, and kid places are still closed down. But many our favorite family destinations available through our pass program are still available in some way online. Some of the museums also have daily offerings, live streams, and educational resources and not just virtual tours. So make sure to check out their web offerings to see what new events are available.

  • Museum of Science: MOSatHome has daily offerings, virtual tours, science activities, webinars, and even events for adults.
  • New England Aquarium: Virtual Visits to the Aquarium offer live webcams, daily updates, presentations, activities, and resources.
  • The Boston Children’s Museum: Offers a virtual tour of the museum, and the website has a number of activities and resources.
  • The Dr. Seuss Museum: The website has some online Seuss related activities and lots of history of Seuss and Springfield.
  • The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art: Virtual tour of the museum and art and book posts and activities with videos and inspirational suggestions for a variety of ages.
  • The Franklin Park Zoo: Daily Facebook live offerings of content about the Zoo and its animals. Look for posts about #Zootoyou.
  • The Smithsonian Museums: The Smithsonian in Washington DC has loads of offerings for every type of kid. Whether live zoo cams, history activities, science and aerospace, art, coloring, music. Their virtual programming has weeks of fun online and available for free.

For Art Lovers

Before the shutdown many museums had begun making their collections available online. Quarantine has helped those virtual collections to grow in number and variety. For art lovers and people looking for inspiration for their next creative project here is a selection of both local, national, and international art museums that offer virtual access.

  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Adding to an already existing online selection the MFA has expanded access by including online programs, tours, curator’s posts, and access to a virtual tour via Google Arts and Culture.
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: With a number of online offerings about the art and the history of the Gardner the museum has also included blog posts and ongoing updates to things to come at the museum. And they have taken advantage of Google Arts and Culture to add their own virtual tour of the museum. Touring the gardens is especially inspiring.
  • Institute of Contemporary Art: There are a number of selections from the museum’s current exhibitions posted on their website. As well as their detailed plan for Covid-19 response and the work the museum is doing as a food hub for East Boston. But for regular curated content the best place to follow the ICA is on social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Harvard Art Museum: Online content via blog posts and art discussions. Also follow them on social media to get even more content.
  • Google Arts and Culture: Access to over 2500 museum tours from around the world. Famous institutions like the Guggenheim, MOMA in New York, Versailles, The Global Street Art Foundation (UK), Museo Botero (Colombia), The Hong Kong Museum of Art, and too many more to list. These tours are not just for art lovers. There are historical sites and natural history museums too.

History, Culture, Nature and Unique Museums

In addition to all of the museums listed with Google Arts and Culture there are a number of niche institutions, historical sites, natural history museums and cultural institutions that have gone online with content for interested browsers. Here are a few but if there is an institution or type of museum missing from this list head to their website and look for their online options.

Fun with Online Art

As more collections have come online, and more people have time to really appreciate them, a movement to replicate some great historical works has started. The instagram @covidclassics posts photos of classic painting recreations by four bored art lovers. The Getty Art Museum has also issued a challenge to replicate classic works of art with household objects.

You can follow the submissions on their Twitter account.

In response to the Getty challenge and the spirit of art and culture online. Here is Iggy Pup trying his very hardest to be a good boy like William Wegman’s wonderful Weimaraners.

Pretty good, right? Try it at home with some found objects and a camera. Feel free to tag the Malden Public Library on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the final result. #Creativityinchallengingtimes.

One more with Iggy the failed dog model.