Young Adult Movie Afternoon December 17th

Death-Star-starcopiaTeens and Young Adults in the 5th through 12th Grade join us on Thursday December 17th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM as we travel to a galaxy far, far away for our appropriately timed YA Movie Afternoon.

This is the original film in Director George Lucas’ amazing star-bound trilogy, where we meet Luke Skywalker, a new hope in the war against the evil Darth Vader and the star wars inciting Empire.

This film recently turned 37 years old and is still as fun and imaginative a movie as anything that came before and after it. A sequel trilogy is planned and the first film “The Force Awakens” comes out this month. See the classic film before you experience the new story.

We will show this film in the Maccario Room, snacks and drinks will be provided. xwing_big