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Photography & Video With Your Smart Device


Register Online or call (781) 324-0218

Photographer, documentarian, and naturalist Robert Michelson will be at the Malden Public Library leading ‘Digital Photography and Video Using Your Smart Device’ on Tuesday May 17th from 3-5 pm. In this workshop, participants will learn best practices in taking, editing, organizing photos and videos, and creating digital slide shows to post to social media.


Robert Michelson’s work has appeared in National Geographic, Natural History, and Field & Stream along with dozens of other national and regional publications. He has produced several award nominated and winning documentaries and short form videos. The NOAA presented Michelson with an Environmental Hero Award for life-long efforts in educating the public about the diversity of marine life found off the coast of new England. Mr. Michelson has a company called Photography by Michelson, Inc.

Bring your smart device with you!

Register Online or call (781) 324-0218


This program, sponsored by the Friends of the Malden Public Library, is free and open to the public.

**Canceled** Community is full of drama


The program tonight has been canceled.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Check back to see what other programs the library has to offer in the future.



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Learn how we can build a stronger community through theater.
Thursday April 28
7:00 PM
Malden Public Library – Program Room


This free hands on workshop will be teaching basic theater skills as a way to promote story sharing among Malden’s varied communities. It is offered to adults and teenagers 13+. People without and with theater experience are equally encouraged to participate. Folks who might be interested in story telling, theater, or maybe just a place to practice communicating after the last two years of Covid. This workshop is being led by instructors from Harvard’s American Repertory Theater.

Bring a city’s characters to life

The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) at Harvard University, is dedicated to creating a meaningful dialogue with our communities outside of our theaters. Our goal with these workshops is to create a stronger community by collaborating with our audiences and students. In collaboration with Malden Public Library, artists from the A.R.T.’s Education and Engagement Team will offer their craft and teaching to our community through a series of theatrical classes. The goal of these classes is to build a stronger community, and help individuals to tap on their own creative voice in relations with others.


Register online  or in person at the Library.


For more information contact:
Vahdat Yeganeh
American Repertory Theatre

Stephen Deloney
Malden Public Library

Jack Kerouac @ 100

Jack Kerouac at 100 3.12.1922-3.12.2022

Jack Kerouac at 100 3.12.1922-3.12.2022

Poet and novelist Jack Kerouac was born one hundred years ago today on March 12, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts. He was a pioneer of the Beat Generation. Kerouac explored themes of personal exploration, rejection of the status quo, and explicit portrayals of the human condition.  He had a major influence on cultural figures in the 60s. This influence continues to the current day. In celebration of his continued legacy among the great American literary figures, here is a collection of some of his works found in our library.


Libraries would  celebrate his work if for no other reason than this beautiful passage from Dr. Sax (1959) :

“By Saturday morning the sun is shining, the sky is piercingly heartbreakingly blue, and my sister and I are dancing over Moody Street Bridge to get out Saturday morning Library books.  All the night before I’ve been dreaming of books – I’m standing in the children’s library in the basement, rows of glazed brown books are in front of me, I reach out and open one – my soul thrills to touch the soft used meaty pages covered with avidities of reading – at last, at last, I’m opening the magic brown book – I see the great curlicued print, the immense candelabra first letters at the beginnings of chapters – and Ah! – pictures of rosy fairies in blue mist gardens with gingerbread Holland skylark rooftops (with breadcrumbs on them), talking to wistful heroines about the mean old monster on the other bosky side of the dale …”

The Jack Kerouac Society will be hosting events in Lowell, MA this weekend and throughout the year to celebrate Kerouac’s enduring legacy.