Blog: Author: Stephen Deloney

The Street Project 12.14 @5:30PM

The Malden Public Library in partnership with Bike to the Sea will be showing THE STREET PROJECT on December 14th from 5:30-6:30. Following the screening we will host a panel discussion talking about the documentary and ways to increase safety and encourage alternative solutions within your community.

THE STREET PROJECT is the story about humanity’s relationship to the streets and the global citizen-led fight to make communities safer. Documentary by Jennifer Boyd. A Boyd Productions Film. 4K. Color, 52 minutes, 2022.

More about The Street Project:

Worldwide, 1.35 million people die in traffic-related crashes each year. Half of those deaths are pedestrians and cyclists. THE STREET PROJECT is an inspiring story about a massive movement across the world to reclaim our largest public spaces, our streets.

For Dulcie Canton, stopping vehicular violence in New York City has become a life mission. Both Dulcie and her mother were victims of hit-and-run crashes on separate occasions, 10 years apart – Dulcie as a cyclist, her mother as a pedestrian.

For Stacey Champion, inaction at the city council level has led to her fight for change. Five pedestrians were hit by cars over the past 6 months at her neighborhood crosswalk. While deaths soar across the city, little has been done to address the pedestrian death toll.

THE STREET PROJECT is a film that takes viewers on a global journey to discover a better way of doing things.

Malden Office of Housing Stability

The Malden Office of Housing Stability will be at the Malden Public Library one Wednesday a month from10 am to 12 pm for a free legal clinic to discuss housing concerns, eviction, financial assistance, affordable housing, etc. with an attorney. The upcoming dates are as follows: November 22nd, December 27th, January 24th, and February 28th.

Call 781-322-9119 ext. 146 or email with questions


“At Housing Families, we work with clients to ensure a dignified experience when facing
eviction or homelessness. We understand that many factors can contribute to achieving
housing equity, and we provide holistic programming to overcome the barriers required to
achieve permanent housing and well-being.
• Emergency Family Shelter
• Emergency Individual Shelter
• Permanent Supportive Housing
• Housing Search and Stabilization Case Management

Legal Services
Housing Families is committed to providing housing assistance, which also includes the
prevention of homelessness. We provide free legal assistance to help clients stay in their
homes and offer other crucial legal advice. Our legal services team is unique, as they work
with case managers and clients to identify resources, skills, and training that will in turn
provide financial support and stability.
• Free Legal Assistance
• Rental Assistance
• Case Management”

Nature Journaling at Malden Library

Whether sitting by the Pine Banks’ Pond, exploring the heights of Waitt’s Mount, or digging in the Malden Community Garden we have so much nature to explore here in Malden. Our city is so full of life if we just take a moment to pause and take it all in. Nature Journaling is a tool and practice to help one learn more about nature. Through the use of art, writing, and numbers the nature journaler learns to notice more, ask more and better questions , and make deeper and more complex connections. The end result is more creativity, improved art skills, and often a cultivated sense of joy. Though one’s art skills will improve as one applies them to nature study, it should be emphasized the goal of nature journaling is not great art but a greater appreciation for and understanding of the natural world. Nor is nature journaling all about exploring nature ‘out there’. In this session we are going to explore the natural world right here in the library’s front lawn.

This event is open to all ages 13+, teens, and adults. No previous art experience required. Pencils and paper will be available but participants are welcome to bring their own drawing, and painting tools. If the weather is fair, we will have the program out on the front lawn. If we end up having some rain, we will move the program inside.

This program is free and open to the public. The Malden Public Library is located at 36 Salem St., Malden, MA 02148. To learn more about our 2023 Summer Reading Programing, email us at .




Medicare : Countdown to 65

Heather Hurd of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will be at the Malden Public Library Monday,
June 266:00 – 7:00pm for “Planning for Medicare – Countdown to 65.”

This talk will discuss Medicare health insurance options outside of your
employer-sponsored coverage, whether or not you’re planning to retire.
Topics include:
• Medicare and Medicare Parts A and B
• Medicare enrollment timeline
• Medigap plans that supplement Medicare coverage

Pastels with Gregory Maichack

Pastel drawing of a rose

The Malden Public Library will host Gregory John Maichack’s “The Rose” workshop inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe with art materials provided, for adults via zoom on Monday April 24th from 6-8pm.

Award-winning pastel artist Gregory John Maichack will present “The Rose,” a pastel painting workshop for adults 18+ hosted by the Malden Public Library on Monday April 24th, from 6-8pm. This is a zoom pastel painting workshop designed for both sheer beginners to advanced participants. Please call (781) 324-0218 for more information and to register. 

     Mr. Maichack has been asked over the years to offer a rose workshop, the most popular of flowers, and a symbol of love. Here it is! In this new, fun, two-hour workshop, all produce their very own personalized pastel of a rose bloom inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. All are guided in drawing, blending, and layering. 

All materials supplied (pastels, paper, blending material, etc.) and all keep their 12 X 18 painting, while entertained by anecdotes on Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower painting and her life.

Maichack, is an award-winning artist, twice Mass. Cultural Council Gold Star Award Program nominee, a seasoned pro from instructing at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston, colleges, to 100’s of libraries. Maichack lives in the Berkshires and is a portraitist and painter working primarily in pastels. Winner of the Award of Merit from the Bennington Center for the Arts: Impressions of New England Show 2003, he also was awarded the Savoir-faire Pastel Award from the Great Lakes Pastel Society. Maichack was commissioned by Westfield State College to paint the pastel portrait of the past president of Westfield State University, Doctor Frederick Woodward, which was unveiled at the dedication of the Woodward Center; and pastel painted dictionary great Charles Merriam, unveiled by Merriam-Webster Co. at Merriam-Gilbert Library. He has been in many national juried shows and was awarded numerous Massachusetts Cultural Council grants. In addition to portraiture, his still lifes and landscapes are represented by galleries from Kennebunkport, Maine to San Francisco, California. Maichack is accepting requests to do various commissions to do pastel paintings. Please e-mail Mr. Maichack at Visit his new web site at

     Maichack has been a faculty member of the Museum Studio School in the Fine Arts Museum Quadrangle in Springfield, MA; and taught at Holyoke and Greenfield Community Colleges, Westfield State University, East Works, the MFA, Boston, and The Guild, Northampton. Maichack’s pastel paintings have been selected twice for the Annual National Exhibition of the Academic Artists Association and as a result Maichack was invited to be a member of this prestigious organization.


Faten Shelbayeh Author Talk

Join Faten Shelbayeh, owner and manager of We Care Elderly Care Services, LLC and author of You Care, We Care: Stop Elder Abuse, for an engaging discussion on senior care and the unfortunately growing trend of elder abuse in our society and how best to address it. The author talk will be on Thursday February 23rd from 6-7pm at the Malden Public Library, 36 Salem St., Malden, MA. Books will be available for purchase at the event. For more information call (781) 324-0218 or email us at

Ukrainian Vertep @ The Malden Public Library

Join us at the Malden Public Library Saturday, January 7th from 10-11am for a free cultural event. Vertep is the Ukrainian cultural tradition of Christmas puppet theater with its beginnings in the 17th century. Traveling groups of performers shared stories interweaving scenes from the nativity with daily life with up to 40 distinct characters.

The Vertep theatre developed into numerous regional variants but always with a central storyline – the conflict between good and evil. Evil is always vanquished and good always triumphs. Vertep was an illegal practice during the Soviet occupation of Ukraine but continued to be performed in secret as a way for the Ukrainian people to both rebel and preserve their culture.

Today, with darkness looming over Ukraine, these rich traditions offer a light of hope to lead us through this joyous season. The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England hopes to share this tradition to bring hope, faith, and joy to our communities, by reminding us that good will always win over evil.

Bill Powers Author Talk

Bill Powers photo

Malden Public Library to Host Bill Powers Author TalkBill Powers photo


Bill Powers will be at the Malden Public Library on December 8th from 6-7pm for an author talk on his newly published book “When the Smoked Cleared: A Murder Mystery in Malden.” Early on a summer morning in 2000 what started off as possible arson in a Malden residential complex quickly turned into a homicide investigation. Detective Lieutenant Bill Powers was on-scene that morning as senior supervisor of the Massachusetts State Police Unit assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. This true crime thriller takes the reader from the crime scene, through the trial prep and court proceedings, to the final verdict.  His position and direct involvement in the case offers a unique perspective on the people involved in solving and prosecuting capital crimes.


From the book “Beyond a police and courtroom procedural, this story is about the personal struggles in the victim’s life and how her death impacted her family’s lives in ways no one could have foreseen. It is a love story that grew from unspeakable tragedy.”

For more information on Bill Powers including his previous book Murderous Rage, visit