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Let’s Talk About A Poem with Lloyd Schwartz – Oct 14th

Join our monthly online discussion with local poet Lloyd Schwartz.  Our October program features the poem To Autumn by John Keats.

Registration is encouraged.

This program is made possible by the Malden Public Library and the Academy of American Poets and funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

To register :  Let’s Talk About A Poem with Lloyd Schwartz

Let’s Talk About A Poem with Lloyd Schwartz

Poetry is back! After our Summer hiatus, Let’s Talk About a Poem with Lloyd Schwartz has returned to a monthly Saturday morning slot. This month we will be meeting  Saturday September 16th from 11am -12:30pm. The program will continue on Zoom.

Lloyd has chosen the Lost Pilot by James Tate for our discussion. A copy of the Zoom link and the poem will be shared via email to everyone who signs up for the mailing list. Registration is required, to join fill out the form here:

This program is made possible by the Malden Public Library and the Academy of American Poets and funds from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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Artist Reception Monday August 14th 6-7pm

Local artist Sarah Gerould’s work will be on display at The Malden Public Library throughout the month of August.

Sarah’s themes include the natural world and can be seen as serious, humorous, grotesque and serene.   Her landscapes and creatures are an escape back to places she has been and loved, and an expression of her commitment to the natural world. This commitment is reflected in her art, professional career, and environmental advocacy.

A reception for Sarah Gerould will be held on Monday August 14 from 6-7pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

The 50 + Job Seekers Program

The Malden Public Library is continuing to offer the 50+ Job Seekers Program.  This is a free service and anyone 55 years or older is welcome to join any or all the sessions. All classes are held on Zoom.   Anyone interested who doesn’t have a computer or isn’t familiar with Zoom is welcome to come to the library and borrow a Chromebook during the sessions.  Library staff will make sure anyone interested in participating can do so.

The morning sessions are from 9:30-11:30am, and meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays.  The evening sessions are from 6-8pm and meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. This program will run from August – December.

Session topics include: self-assessment and transferrable skills, creating your “career story” pitch, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, networking and creating a marketing plan.  The Library is excited to continue offering this program and encourages anyone interested to attend.   Call the Malden Public Library with questions at 781-324-0218, ask for Marita.

Introduction to Zentangle Aug 17th 6:30 -8pm

Join us for a night of relaxation. Certified Zentangle instructor, Lori Champine will be your guide to the art of Zentangle.

The term Zentangle can be broken down into two words: Zen & Tangle. Zen is a state of mind where any emotion or thought does not bind you. The created patterns are referred to as “tangles” and are mixtures of dots, lines, basic curves and orbs. These shapes are the ‘elemental strokes’ of a Zentangle art piece.

All materials will be provided.  Registration is required.  This program is meant for people ages 14 years and older.

To register :

Introduction to Zentangle

Come early and enjoy the yoga class with Kathryn Mahoney from 5-6pm.

Please email Marita with questions at

Bees & Their Habitats Friday July 14th from 11am – noon

When you think of bees, do you think of bee hives and honey? Honey Bees have been important crop pollinators ever since they were introduced to North America in the 17th century but there is a lot more to bees than sweet treats.  There are 390 species of native bees in MA and most people don’t even know they exist!  There are Mining Bees that make tiny tunnels in the ground, Carder Bees that comb the “hairs” from plants, Long Horned Bees that guard their territory fiercely and Sweat Bees that love to hitch a ride on a sticky human!


Join our presenter Gaynor Bigelbach at the Malden Public Library on July 14th from 11am-noon for a family friendly exploration of the wonderful ingenious and Bee-utiful insects that share our gardens and neighborhoods.