Author Talk: Boston in the Golden Age of Spiritualism

Join us for an author’s talk and book signing with Dee Morris, social historian and author of the new book Boston in the Golden Age of Spiritualism: Séances, Mediums and Immortality. Spiritualism flourished in Boston from the first rumblings of the Civil War until the early twentieth century. Numerous clairvoyants claimed to bring messages from beyond the grave at séances and public meetings. Motives for belief were varied. While many earnestly believed in the movement, there were those who took advantage of naïve Bostonians. Determined to expose charlatans, world-renowned magician Harry Houdini declared the famous medium and Bostonian Mina “Margery” Crandon a fake. Join author Dee Morris as she navigates the complex history of Boston’s spiritualist movement. Dee Morris is an independent scholar and educational consultant specializing in the nineteenth-century history of Greater Boston. She presents walking tours at Forest Hills Cemetery (Jamaica Plain) and programs at libraries, schools and historical societies. Her goal is to connect people with their civic ancestors.

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