Collect your Camp MPL Merit Badge

Our merit badges have arrived and they are very cool! If you miss your scout days, or you always wanted to be a scout but couldn’t then this is your chance to earn a merit badge. All you need to do is stop by the circulation desk with your completed summer reading passport. Or just let us know that you finished five challenges, in person or online, and we will award you a merit badge.









If you haven’t completed your challenges, you still have time. Stop by the library and pick up a passport. We’ll give you stickers for book reviews, funny jokes (not funny jokes), dances, and trips out into nature. Things are hard and we want to make this easy, so come in and get a badge for getting through another summer season intact. Celebrate with us!

And for adults, when you get your merit badge don’t forget to fill out an entry for our tote bag raffle. We have some nifty Camp MPL tote bags for a limit number of winners.