Bees & Their Habitats Friday July 14th from 11am – noon

When you think of bees, do you think of bee hives and honey? Honey Bees have been important crop pollinators ever since they were introduced to North America in the 17th century but there is a lot more to bees than sweet treats.  There are 390 species of native bees in MA and most people don’t even know they exist!  There are Mining Bees that make tiny tunnels in the ground, Carder Bees that comb the “hairs” from plants, Long Horned Bees that guard their territory fiercely and Sweat Bees that love to hitch a ride on a sticky human!


Join our presenter Gaynor Bigelbach at the Malden Public Library on July 14th from 11am-noon for a family friendly exploration of the wonderful ingenious and Bee-utiful insects that share our gardens and neighborhoods.