RBdigital Audiobooks Moving to OverDrive on August 25

Beginning August 25, most audiobook and ebook titles available through our RBDigital service will be moving to our OverDrive collection.  OverDrive has acquired the RBdigital platform and this  means a few changes for you as a user of RBDigital, so we wanted to make sure you knew what to expect.

What happens on August 25?

As of August 25th, audiobooks will no longer be available in our RBDigital collection. Most of these titles will be transferred to our OverDrive collection and you can use the Libby or OverDrive apps to check out, download, and listen to them.

What about the titles I’m still listening to in RBDigital?

Any titles you have checked out on August 25th will still be available in your account until the end of their loan period.

Will I lose my RBDigital holds?

We won’t be able to transfer RBDigital holds to OverDrive, unfortunately. Please place new holds in OverDrive after the titles have transferred.

Are magazines and other RBDigital services moving to OverDrive as well?

Not at this time. You will still be able to check out magazines on RBDigital for several months, but these magazine titles will eventually move to OverDrive as well. Check our website for news about this move in late 2020.

What else do I need to know?

For more information, please read the OverDrive FAQ.