Rules of Conduct

Problem behavior is any behavior that either consciously or unconsciously violates or restricts the rights of others to use the library; prevents library employees from doing their jobs, or jeopardizes the safety of library users, staff and/or property.

Some examples of problem behavior include:

  • Disruptive behavior, such as excessive noises, running, physical altercations, displays of affection, pranks, foul language, individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and other behaviors that disturb patrons or staff
  • Consuming food or beverages, excepting closed containers of bottled water
  • Bringing animals, other than service animals necessary for disabilities, into the Library
  • Using wheeled devices except for motorized ADA assistive devices, wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers
  • Inappropriate use of Library space & facilities including disrespectful use of furniture
  • Gambling or solicitation
  • Use or possession of alcohol or other drugs
  • Smoking, chewing, or other tobacco use
  • Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children (see Safe Child Policy)
  • Verbally or physically harassing patrons, volunteers, or staff, including stalking, staring, or lurking
  • Dressing inappropriately, such as not wearing shoes, a shirt, or having offensive body odor
  • Using photographic, sound recording, or video recording equipment, including cellular telephone cameras, within the Library or on the Library grounds without prior authorization from the Library
  • Assaulting, fighting, or challenging to fight
  • Refusing to leave Library property after being issued a Notice of Exclusion
  • Theft of library materials, use of false identification to obtain a library card, or use of another person’s library card without permission are against state law and will be prosecuted (MGL Ch. 2066, Sec. 99)
  • Those who damage or deface library materials or property will be prosecuted (MGL Ch. 266, Sec. 100). Parents or legal guardians can be liable for damage done by a child under 18 (MGL Ch. 231, Sec. 85)
  • Possession of a firearm, except by law enforcement officers or as expressly permitted by state law on Library property; or possession of any other dangerous weapon.
  • Engaging in any other behavior that would constitute a misdemeanor or violation of law
  • Failing to comply with a reasonable staff request to cease behavior that interferes with the effective functioning of the library

Patrons exhibiting problem behavior may be asked to leave. Patrons asked to leave for disciplinary reasons are at a minimum suspended for the remainder of the day and/or evening, but may be suspended for a longer period of time.

Approved by the Board of Trustees June 2013