Computer Use Policy

The Malden Public Library shall serve as an informational, educational, cultural and recreational resource for all patrons through its collection of books, magazines, audio-visual and technology services which are administered by the staff. The Internet is an integral part of the resources available to assist library patrons in finding the resources they need.

The Malden Public Library complies with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which requires the use of filtering software for adults, teens, and children. Adults, defined by the law as over the age of 17, may when available choose to use unfiltered computers for Internet access. Filtering software may not block all material users might find offensive. Parents are encouraged to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

The Internet is a continually evolving resource and the information and links on the Internet change rapidly and unpredictably. The library cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information on the Internet. Users should carefully evaluate the information they find when using this resource. The Malden Public Library does not encrypt data sent or received through our Internet services.

Limits on Use

Patrons, who hold a valid MBLN library card, in good standing, may use the computers. As with all library materials, users are responsible for the computer while signed in for its use. No more than one person is allowed at the computer at a time; however, users under 18 years of age may be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the library. A parent or guardian signature will be required for Internet registration by a child.

Reference Area

Six computers in the Reference Area are available for Internet and word processing on a first come, first serve basis. Each time users access the computer, they will need to log in with their own library card in good standing.

Patrons receive a maximum of two hours per day on the computers, which is recorded by the computer. It does not need to be taken all at once, or even in full half hour increments. The software will automatically time the user out and erase any work after one hour, a period of inactivity (five minutes) or on logout. At logout, any work not saved on your own media (floppy disks, flash drives, send to yourself by email, etc.) is permanently gone. Make sure to save all works on your own media.

If there are no computers available, users may sign in for the next available computer on the sign in sheet in the reference room.

Three additional Internet connected computers, all equipped with Microsoft Office 2007, are also available. All three Microsoft equipped computers may be reserved up to a week in advance for a two-hour time slot. Please call 781-324-0218 or speak with staff at the check out desk to reserve a time. Users who are more than ten minutes late for their appointment may forfeit their time slot to another user.

Four computers are designated Express Internet and word processing machines and may be used for twenty-minute intervals without a library card.

Four additional computers are dedicated to the access of the library catalog, library databases and booking for museum passes. They may be used for one hour without a library card.

All work should be saved to disk often. The Malden Public Library is not responsible for any lost work. Users should plan their work accordingly, allowing time to save and print their work, as computers will be shutdown promptly 15 minutes before closing.

Children’s Room

The Children’s Room has two computers available for children’s use only. The computers have Internet access and Microsoft Office XP. A parent or guardian must sign a permission form in order for children to use the Internet in the library and the child must have a valid MBLN library card that is in good standing. Two additional I-Mac computers are available for CD-ROM use. Children may sign up for computer use at the reference desk in the children’s room.

Young Adult Room

The Young Adult room has two computers available for teens use only (grades 5-12). The computers have Internet access and Microsoft Office XP. A sign in sheet is available at the Young Adult librarian’s desk.

Proper Use

The Internet computer equipment and software must be used as installed and is for Internet use only. Users are not permitted to add to, delete or modify the installed software or hardware or circumvent library network security or Internet filter. To protect against computer viruses, personal software may not be used.

If any user abuses, misuses or engages in any use of the computer equipment or software not authorized by the library, or introduces a virus, the user will be prohibited from future use. Users will be held liable if they permanently or temporarily damage any hardware or software.

Users agree to respect the integrity of computing systems, for example, users shall not intentionally develop programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system. Users agree to respect the legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data.

Users may not invade the privacy of others or engage in any activity that is harassing, defamatory, or threatening; or receive or display graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene as defined by law. Users shall respect the privacy of other users, for example, users shall not intentionally seek information of, obtain copies of or modify, names, data, passwords, or files belonging to other users, or represent themselves as another person unless explicitly authorized to do so by that person. Users shall respect the procedures of the Malden Public Library in provision of this service. Users shall not give out passwords provided to them by the library.

Users shall assume full responsibility of learning to use the equipment and resources. Note that librarians cannot provide information on how to use Internet software. Reference books and user guides are available to users who have never used computers, or have specific questions about the Internet software applications. Users are encouraged to attend internet classes in the area. Due to library scheduling, trained staff may not always be available.

The library makes no guarantees, either express or implied, with respect to the information available on the Internet, not is the library responsible for any user’s misuse of copyright licensing, or any other violation resulting from use of the internet.


To cover expensive supply costs, Malden Public Library charges $.15 per black and white print page. Print jobs may be picked up at the check out desk. The Library is not responsible for misprinted documents.


Violations may result in suspension or loss of computer privileges at the library. The Library reserves the right to terminate a computer session at any time.

The library reserves the right to change this policy as necessary to regulate access or prevent misuse. Users are to read and comply with updates to policy which are posted. Computer Use will comply with the Malden Public Library Courtesy code, posted in the library.