Resume & Cover Letter Writing

The library has a good collection on these topics. These printed materials provide many examples and tips to make your resumes and cover letters representing you to the potential employers. However, if you prefer online help, you might explore these websites.

The Damn Good Resume

This website provides a lot of examples and advice on resume writing, job search, and solutions to typical tough resume problems (such as gaps in work history, salary information, lack-of-experience, or overqualification). The “Job Lounge” section links to Susan Ireland’s blog.

Job Hunter’s Bible

Excellent advice and reviews of resources in three major sections: Job Listings; Resumes; and Career Counseling.

Monster Career Advice 

This website offers plenty of sample resumes by industry and many articles on entering a variety of industry, advice for people with various career levels (e.g. college students, entry level), and special reports (e.g. laid-off, age 50+, dress for success).

The Riley Guide

This site explains what you should know before posting a resume online. It has plenty of pointers on content and formatting, choosing a job site, and staying cyber-safe.

Another option is to find a professional resume writer. These websites can help:

Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches 

National Resume Writers’ Association