The Converse Memorial Building is a historically significant building designed by noted American architect H. H. (Henry Hobson) Richardson. The building was a gift of Elisha and Mary Converse in memory of their murdered son, Frank Eugene Converse, who was the victim of the first bank robbery and murder in North America. It was constructed 1883-1885 in an overall L-shape, with a facade of brown Longmeadow sandstone, a tower rising from the inner corner, and a heavily arched entry porch. The interior is finished in elaborately carved white oak with a high, vaulted ceiling. Its furniture was designed by H. H. Richardson and manufactured by the Boston firm of A. H. Davenport and Company. The Converse Memorial Building was the last of Richardson’s library designs, and is generally considered among his finest works. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1987.