1890 Attempted Murder

Medford Man and Malden Woman Arrested on a Serious Charge.

About four weeks ago, district police officer Whitney and chief of police Holmes of Medford called the attention of officer Sullivan of Malden to the fact that there was something wrong between E. Clarence Page, a Medford grocer, 43 years of age, and Huntley I. Clark, a Malden maiden of 21 summers; that Page and Miss Clark had been exceedingly intimate for a long time, and Page had acted strangely towards his wife. Mrs. [Ella Amelia Tyler] Page was taken sick on several occasions after drinking her coffee and finally she sent some of it to her father, Mr. Tyler of Hudson, asking that it might be analyzed. Analysis was made to state assayer Davenport, who found arsenic and other poisonous substances in it, it is said. Mrs. Page came into possession of correspondence between the Clark woman and her husband which led her to believe that they were trying to get rid of her by poison. It is alleged that the attempted poisoning was in October last, and about that time, Mrs. Page, having appealed to the probate court, secured a separate maintenance from her husband, the store being turned over to her and the family, Page keeping the uncollected back bills.

The Clark girl lives on Irving [S]treet, over Jacobs’ undertaking rooms in Malden, with her mother and brother. She formerly worked in the rubber shop [.] Page seemed to be infatuated with her, and his visits to the house were very frequent.

Sufficient evidence having been procured for the issuance of a warrant against Page and Miss Clark for attempt to poison, officers Sullivan and Whitney went to Miss Clark’s home on Thursday evening of last week, and, first being assured that the parties they wanted were in one of the rooms, they did not stop to knock, but opened the door very suddenly and gave the couple a little surprise. Page was sitting in an easy chair with the Clark girl in his lap; her arm around his neck and his arm around her waist, with a very loving look upon their countenances, which suddenly disappeared as the officers unceremoniously entered. They were both arrested, and in the district court on Friday, were held for the grand jury, Page in $6000 and the Clark woman in $2000. Bail was furnished by Page’s brother, who lives in Marlboro. The grand jury found a bill against Page but no bill against the Clark woman. In the superior court, on Monday, Page pleaded not guilty, and was held in $10,000 to await trial. Bail was furnished by Ambrose L. Page and John W. Draper of Medford.”