Card Trick, plus More Card Fun

Even though the November 12 program is over, while supplies last, kids can still get a deck of cards from the library by calling the library at 781-324-0218 during regular curbside hours (from 10 a.m. on) and scheduling a pickup time. We’re open an hour later on Wednesday evenings and 10-2 on Saturdays.

Here are some fun activities to do with the playing cards:


Learn how to do the “21 Cards” trick.

A Million Card Tricks offers even more possibilities and tutorials.



If you visit the Bicycle Cards website, you can find rules for many different fun card gams, including ones for kids. Some of our favorite family games are listed below.

Crazy Eights (ages 4+)

Spoons (ages 4+)

Authors (ages 4+)

Concentration (ages 4+)

Trash (ages 8+)

Palace (ages 8+)


Three Thirteen (ages 8+)



Build a house of cards! (Guinness World Record-holding cardstacker Bryan Berg demonstrates his special technique in this video)

Nine Nifty Ways to Use Cards for Educational Fun

Math Card Games

Teaching Math to Preschoolers with Playing Cards

Using playing cards to teach math – Ontario Association for Mathematics Education


Young children can also learn grouping skills by sorting the deck by number, by suit, by color, etc.