Lesa Cline-Ransome: Author Presentation July 24

On Wednesday, July 24, the Malden Public Library will have the pleasure of hosting the award-winning author and former Malden resident, Lesa Cline-Ransome. For adults, there will be an informal author talk (bring your own bag lunch) from 1-2 pm.  Late that day, for children ages 7-11, there will be a formal author presentation from 3-4 pm. (Teens and adults are also welcome to attend this presentation.)

During her power point presentation for children, Ms. Cline-Ransome will discuss her early beginnings, how she began writing for children, the variety of projects she has written, read passages from her work and take students through the step by step process of creating a children’s book including gathering ideas, research and revision and briefly discuss the role of the illustrator. The end of the presentation will include a Q & A.

This program is generously funded by Preotle, Lane & Associates.